I’m Philip!

Nice to meet you!

Let’s jump right in.

I started my business in 2014 as a freelance language consultant but since then things have evolved quite a bit.

Today I write and take pictures.

I have simply let go of what I thought I should be doing and started doing what I want to be doing.

(You can check out my portrait business here if you're curious: filip-photo.com.)

And to tell you something bragy I once upon a time had the honor of leading a team of aspiring copywriters at my local TEDx and even got a few words published on TED.com––and somehow I managed to swing a BSc. & a BA., despite ADD and needing glasses.

It's still a mystery how all that worked out.

But my main focus right now is writing.

Books to be precise, on how to be a human and do your own thing.

Because it's a bit of a puzzle and I like those.

And this one is vibrant, dark, poetic, and amazingly beautiful in its complexity.

Yet it is the most simple thing.

To choose to be, instead of not to be.

Anyways, I think the reason for this obsession to figure out life is my own journey which is whithout a doubt where I draw my energy and motivation.

And becoming more.

So, on a more personal note but not too personal so there is no need for sunglasses:

I started my journey as a full-time employed burned out dishwasher with panic attacks.

Everything was black.

And I felt like shit.

And I didn't know how to get out of there but I knew that I had to.

So I started to chip away at the problem, one solution at a time. And thanks to a miraculous balance of being smart enough to find a way and foolish enough to think that I could, I did.

Which also, I think, happens to be how you get the most out of life.


June, 2020

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